Wholesale Traditional Scotch Pie

The traditional scotch pie has an outer shell of hard crust pastry allowing you to hold the pie while eating it and a softer crust pastry lid sunk slightly from the rim to contain a topping. A central hole in the top crust allows steam to escape during heating and acts as an entry for the topping gravy.

The filling is of minced meat, seasoning and other ingredients where the type, quantity and quality used is the pie makers guarded recipe. This gives the scotch pie its distinctive individual character that separates it from a scotch pie made by another producer.

The scotch pie can be eaten on its own or topped with baked beans in tomato sauce, peas or mashed potatoes and is regularly served with chips on the side with a flavoursome, rich beef gravy poured over it.

The scotch pie can be eaten hot or cold. Reheat the pie in the oven at 200oC for 20 minutes until piping hot or quickly reheat in the microwave (time dependent on power) until piping hot to give a softer crust.

The traditional scotch pie is a favourite with tearooms, cafes and takeaway customers as a tasty cold snack or hot savoury meal. The scotch pie is also popular with large gatherings of people in social clubs and outdoor events where the convenience of fast food served with little preparation is a great benefit to the organisers. Watch how fast a tray of McNeill's hot pies go when part of a buffet. 

McNeill's Traditional Scotch Pie

Traditional Scotch Pie

Our delicious traditional scotch pies are hand made using tasty steak mince and traditional ingredients from our own family recipe. The pies are freshly baked to order in our Glasgow premises. We distribute wholesale to the trade in Glasgow and the surrounding area.

Steak Pie and Bovril & Onion Pie

Steak Pie and Bovril and Onion Pie

Offer your customers choice by ordering our variations on the Scottish favourite. McNeill's Bovril & Onion Pie is our traditional scotch pie with added chopped onion and Bovril gravy. McNeill's Steak Pie is our traditional pie shell with puff pastry lid filled with tender steak cuts and gravy.

We deliver to your door and our client list includes Cafés and Takeaways, Grocery Stores, Football Clubs, Masonic Clubs and Bowling Clubs.

Cookie Pie - A Sweet Alternative


Baking For You and Double Tree by Hilton in Glasgow have come up with a rather interesting product that they are sure will delight guests - a scotch pie cookie. Ray McNeill explained: "The traditional filling is replaced with cookie dough and baked in a small scotch pie shell and lid."

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