About Us

Bakery and Tearoom

Our premises at Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow

Baking For You is a busy bakery shop that has been successfully trading in the east end of Glasgow since the early 70's. The shop built its reputation on their quality hand made products baked on the premises and sold to customers over the counter at reasonable cost. Until recently, the fresh selection of hot and cold rolls, pies, soup, toasties and cakes were for takeaway. Now, the business has expanded through to the premises next door and this will provide a traditional tearoom where customers can sit in and enjoy what they sell over the counter.

Alexander McNeill grew up in the east end of Glasgow and started the bakery in 1972 with his first shop near Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The business later moved to Duke Street before finally settling at 400 Cumbernauld Road. His son Raymond helped in the back of the shop at weekends when he was a teenager and continued to work full time when he left school. When Alexander retired, Raymond carried on the business and expanded it with a bigger bakery and a more extensive range of quality hand made bakery goods for the tearoom, takeaway and for wholesale. Bakery goods for takeaway will now be available from the tearoom at 398 Cumbernauld Road. The shop at 400 Cumbernauld Road is now the bakery and wholesale distribution point.

 A recent recruitment drive has seen staff numbers increase to 18. They do not close the bakery for long with a night shift starting at 7.30pm preparing products for the early morning opening. Their speciality is hand made traditional Scottish morning rolls and traditional scotch pies which gets delivered to shops, cafes and snack bars throughout Glasgow and as far as Cumbernauld. They are busy enough to have two van drivers out delivering full-time.

As the rolls come out of the oven, the warm smell of freshly baked bread welcomes you as you enter the shop. 

By giving people what they want, Baking For You continues to offer the personal touch. If customers want cherry scones, they will make cherry scones.